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My weekend in a post

28 Jan

A weekend in a post…

Thursday night I hit the gym and manged to crawl my way through my treadmill work out. I don’t know why I have been having such a hard time finding my motivation lately but its killin me!!

I barely got in 3 miles on the treadmill and I WISH I could say I ran all three but it was more like walk-jog-walk-crawl. But I did make it to the 5:45pm SuperFit class at my gym and it was Ab night!! WOOT WOOT

photo 2 (2)

Boy am I sore.

Friday I really really really didn’t want to go work out. I could think of a million other things that needed my attention but I went. Yes, I forced my self to go and once I got started I was able to run about 2 miles on the treadmill. It felt good to have a little motivation back. It’s probably all the Dove chocolates that are slowing me down.

photo 1 (2)

and yes that is just want I wanted to do, close my eyes and relax! No relaxing for me, we had our friend’s 8 year old sons birthday party to attend at Alfy’s pizza. Just what I needed, pizza and cake… total BUTT FAT!!

I had every intention to get up Saturday morning and hit the gym for the 8am SuperFit class… But oh no, my body decided to sleep in.

My Nathan Boy Boy was not feeling well and the weather is horrible outside so we took a lazy day. We made play dough and you can get the recipe Here. It was so easy and we had so much fun!!

The hubs and I had planned to take Nathan bowling with some friends but when we got there, there was a two and half hour wait! Yikes! No thank you!
So we took the kiddos to the Absolute Air Park and boy did they have so much fun.



The place was split up into three areas. The first part is made of several trampolines where the kids can just jump around. The second part was the foam pit, where our kids spent most of their time. And the third part was an area for dodgeball. I really liked that they not only had rules to keep kids safe but they also had a “don’t be a jerk” rule. For example when our kids were playing dodgeball, remind you Nathan is 7 years old and most of the kids playing dodgeball were older teenagers, one of the big kids hit Nathan’s friend in the back with ball. As he was walking off the trampoline the ref/worker said it didn’t count because he was a “jerk”. I thought it was pretty cool to really give the younger kids a chance to play and enjoy themselves.

Sunday was mostly a lazy day. We had lunch with my family and I spent a little time prepping food for the week.


I washed, chopped and stored all the fruits and veggies. It makes it so easy to grab and go during the busy work week. I also prepared a crock pot dinner for Monday night, which I will blog about tomorrow.

So there’s my weekend in a post…




6 Jan

Today is December 31, 2012… New Year’s Eve, and my first post ever.

New Years resolutions? To do or not to do. That is the question. Every year, I and many others say “January 1st I’m starting my diet”. Diet schmidiet. Of course I want to eat better, work out more and be skinny! But as I lay awake not able to sleep I think about family, health and strength, mentally and physically. 2012 has been a tough year for my husband and I’s families. Between Jason’s (the hubs) mom being diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer and my mom who’s had more back surgeries than I can count, I’m realizing that health is important. Of course we all know that health is important but you just don’t realize how important until something serious effects you or someone you love. I want to do all that I can to keep my self and my family healthy and happy.

My New Years resolution is to not only work on mine and my family’s health but to also be strong, psychically for our bodies to stay healthy but mentally strong to help our families in such a hard time. I want to work on being there for our families and friends, to be reliable and to be a good ear when in need. And of course id love to lose a few pounds, but I’m not putting a number on it! I want to feel comfortable and be happy for who I am.

After months of pondering the idea to start a blog, I’ve decided to do it.
To help me be accountable for my weight loss journey.
To explore a new word and share my creativity with others. In creativity I means my random thoughts of the day!

So here goes nothing!

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